Directory Pricing

Single Listing Pricing Plans
Basic Listing (FREE)
Free Basic Listing that runs indefinite if the business is open and contact information, including an active email address, is on file. 
Select the $40/annual CAN Retailer option for increased listing visibility via a Featured Listing>>>
(visit the APC home page to view Featured Listings
CAN Retailer ($40.00)
Upgrade to a Featured Listing for only $40 annually by becoming a CAN Retailer.
**Must enter code ACTIVATE upon checkout to activate your Featured Listing**
You will be invoiced $40 by Custom Automotive Network (CAN) within 48 hours of listing activation.
Listing is active if CAN Retailer annual membership is paid/current, the business is open, and current contact information, including a valid email account, is on file. If membership goes inactive, priority features are lost and listing becomes subject to Basic Listing terms.