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71lbs is a human powered software solution that looks beyond shipping and utilizes industry insights to provide instant savings. We work with forward thinking individuals who want to make a difference in their company's operations and bottom line.

With a history dating back to 1925, Alliant Insurance Services is one of the nation’s leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services. Operating through a national network of offices, Alliant offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to clients.

The AACF, or Automotive Aftermarket Charitable Foundation, was founded in 1959 to assist automotive aftermarket members and their families who, due to catastrophic illness or terrible accident, have exhausted all other available resources in maintaining a reasonable existence. Our Mission - to provide sustainable solutions for those in great need - is what drives us every single day. to make good on our mission, we're staffed by a dedicated team of experienced industry executives who donate their time to this worthy cause.

Family-owned wholesale credit card processor specializing in serving the automotive industry, including software to monitor compliance with MAP & UPP programs.

Bridge Below makes it easy to manage your company's online presence - monitoring pricing.

DCi, an ARI Company, has become the leader in business-to-business communications solutions “connecting buyers and sellers.” We have solutions for manufacturers marketing through the aftermarket’s complex distribution channels, for distributors competing in a rapidly-changing world and for independent retailers wanting to expand their sales.

Founded in 2009, we partner with high-quality and targeted websites, selling a variety of online advertising formats. Our systems allow us to work with hundreds of sites in an unbiased manner, ensuring advertising performance is our top-priority.

eTool Developers was founded in 2001, focusing on the website and internet marketing needs of companies in the Automotive Aftermarket Industry. For fourteen years, we have assisted our clients with custom website development, complex data management, ecommerce implementation, internet marketing and search engine optimization solutions to grow their businesses. We are aware of the unique challenges retailers, distributors and manufacturers face when competing online in today's market.

GCommerce is a leading provider of automotive aftermarket Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solutions designed to streamline distribution supply operations. Our connectivity solutions facilitate real-time, effective information sharing between incompatible business systems and technologies, enabling Retailer/Distributors and Manufacturers to improve revenue, operational efficiencies and profitability.

Digital marketing agency serving the automotive aftermarket with online marketing, email marketing, mailing lists and market research.

Educational foundation that provides contests to high school students to excite them about the automotive aftermarket industry.

Sanctioning body for diesel drag racing, sled pulling and dyno competitions plus a marketing agency for the diesel marketplace in automotive aftermarket. We have been in business for over 10 years representing over 60 events per year nationwide.

Oris Intel provides online retail intelligence solutions to manufacturers and distributors.

Performance Business Media offers full-service marketing solutions and strategies for manufacturers and warehouse distributors in the performance industry.

A love for cars, trucks and SUVs is the motivating force behind the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA). This trade association consists of a diverse group of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, publishing companies, auto restorers, street-rod builders, restylers, car clubs, race teams and more.

Created as a non-profit subsidiary of SEMA in 2012, the SDC provides the definitive product data repository for the specialty parts marketplace, backed up by a full suite of online tools and live Help desk support. We are the only industry data repository to fully validate all incoming data to the Auto Care Association standards of ACES and PIES , ensuring lasting quality and usability.

Web Shop Manager is the largest provider of customer data ecommerce websites for the automotive industry.

AlphaPlex provides the best in custom web development services for businesses or organizations of any size.

Founded in 1970, CAN’s mission is to assist the specialty automotive industry in efforts to expand, maintain and promote the profitable distribution of custom automotive products through the manufacturer | distributor | retailer | consumer channel. CAN is a nonprofit organization of custom automotive parts distributors and resellers joined together to deal with management, financial and legislative matters. Supporting members include manufacturers, manufacturer’s sales representatives, retailers | jobbers, service providers and media publications.